Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Updated Photo of Kentucky Man Den

Just wanted to show the completed den with the flags added in. Adds an element of detail to the room. Below are pics of the room color before it was changed. BTW...I did all the detailed painting of the blue itself and the white stripe. I'm not a detail person when it comes to painting. I prefer to do the main slap it on type of painting. My youngest helped put the two coats of primer on the walls the night before Thanksgiving. Then, since I was home alone Thanksgiving Day, I put the two coats of Kentucky Blue on the walls. That weekend I measured out and taped off the area for the white stripe and painted two primer coats and two white coats. In the bottom picture, the white stripe looks wavy and not crisp. Trust me, it's crisply painted.Wish you could see it in person. It looks seriously good!

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